Anaerobic reactor E2E-UASB

E2E-UASB reactor is a traditional upflow reactor sludge. The reactor used for anaerobic treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater. Due to the low rate of the upstream and the unique design of E2E-UASB separator is very compact and can process a wide range of effluent concentrations. Regulated hydrodynamics allows the system to keep the biomass with different characteristics. The system contains a safety, easy-to-service distribution system.

General properties:

  • Load COD from 9 to 13 kg COD m3/day.
  • The range of COD in 1000 - 50000 mg / l
  • Upstream speed of 0.5-2 m / h
  • The modular structure means it can be placed in containers of any size
  • The water level is up to 7 m
  • E2E-UASB system bottoms
  • Development of biogas
  • The collection of gas in the upper part of the reactor
  • The capacity of the reactor can be made of concrete, steel or steel and glass material (Glass-Fused-To-Steel).

Technical characteristics:

The water level 7 (m)

Diameter D (m)

The reactor core (m3)



















Area of application:

  • Utility fluids
  • Pulp and paper company
  • Manufacture of soft drinks and beer
  • Food industry
  • Production of a fermentation
  • Chemical Production
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