Our international company united technical experts and engineers with great experience in development and implementation of environmental and energy saving technologies.

We always were close to industrial companies, which produce useful products for people and market. Therefore we work to create for them complex and system offers which have never been presented in the market before.

PENECO key ability – to provide solutions of the most difficult engineering and environmental tasks based on the deep knowledge of technological processes of manufacturing enterprises. We don’t depend on the specific set of equipment, we develop a tailor-made design for each company.

To implement such projects we have built scientific and business connections with world leading companies in this area.

Our specialists are involved in common work in engineering and design of environmental project together with worldwide knows scientists. We are continuously improving our skills with training programs and practice abroad.

We convert waste products of enterprises into its resources – protect them from damages and losses, care about environment, enterprises and people!

Our target is the economic efficiency, environmental purity, energy safety and autonomy of your enterprise.