A system of local treatment facilities "PENECO" was put into operation at "Citrobel" factory of citric acid.

A system of local treatment facilities was put into operation at Ltd. "Citrobel". Governor Yevgeny Savchenko area and Mayor Sergei Belgorod Bozhenov have launched a work setting by pressing a symbolic button.

Belgrade became the first city in Russia, which introduced a unique technology. Its development was attended by leading experts from around the world. The basic idea belongs to Germans, realization - our compatriots . Plant design was developed specifically for complex waste enterprise.

"We cut at least 10 times the amount of odors and 10 times - the amount of pollution. 16 tons of cubic meters per day will be processed at this facility . This step will allow us to 95 % or even 97%, we hope to reduce the amount of pollution", - assured Vladimir Tyurin, Ltd. "PENECO".

In such treatment plants need almost all the food industry . In the near future five such units will be commissioned in a number of enterprises of Russian cities and in several countries of the CIS.

With all the unique processing technology is simple - the whole process is fully automated and safe for the environment. As a result of the biochemical reactions of production effluents are recycled to water and gas, which is 80 % methane. Application of these wastes have already found. All the gas component and the water resources go to the needs of the enterprise.

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