Municipal wastewater treatment

Peneсo company carry out design works, supply of equipment, construction of new and reconstruction of existing municipal wastewater treatment plants with the use of the most advanced technologies in the field of wastewater treatment. Our own experience and experience of our partners who have realized more than 400 such projects, allow us to speak with confidence that wastewater treatment plants will fit the most of European standards.

We provide services and equipment for compact treatment plants with maximum readness for operation and capacity from 150 to 4000 m³/day. Also we are ready to build a municipal wastewater treatment plants for domestic wastewater with capacity up to 100 000 m³/day and more for small, medium and large cities.

In our projects we use modern mechanical treatment systems, compact anaerobic and aerobic reactors with the technology of nitrification-denitrification and membrane technology, highly efficient aeration systems, sludge treatment, including anaerobic digestion, various dewatering equipment, etc.

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